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Sociotramas is a multimedia communication project with an academic and plural approach. From the beginning it was focused on the democratization of knowledge under the principle of collective production, that is, nourishing itself with the contribution of different people. Therefore, we open the space to collaborations that have the same objective and that, due to lack of motivation or resources, have not been able to see the light.

What is meant by segment?

By "segment" we understand any short and specific space that allows a specific audience to share ideas. Hence, they are pieces of communication that have an academic focus and that provide, more than information, analysis about it or judgment and reading criteria.

Any ideas?

Some ideas could be: text analysis, film analysis, literary analysis, media analysis, thematic comments, open interviews, plural dialogues, conjuncture explanations, article summaries, tablets on concepts or theories, poetry, art, among others.


What does Sociotramas contribute?

The segments will be uploaded to the different Sociotramas networks, and will be disseminated to our growing audience. Some useful resources, such as the streaming platform or the website, are available to those who have initiatives for the development of these spaces.


What formats can I use?

The formats can be multiple, that is, video, audio (Podcast) or text, but it is understood that as they are segments they must have a certain periodicity. We encourage you to promote multimedia formats as they have a greater scope in their dissemination.


Who develops the segment?

The space belongs to whoever creates it. We disseminate it, and eventually we can offer technical advice or support so that the result is of quality.


How is Sociotramas financed?

Sociotramas is a project financed exclusively by self-management. We encourage those who wish to make small donations that can contribute to the democratization of knowledge and those who, having the motivation to create, do not do so due to lack of resources. With financial support we could collaborate with technical, material or other resources to those who require it, in addition to supporting the project as a whole.


What do I have to do to present my segment?

Create a user on our website.

Fill out the form below and send it to Sociotramas. A team will review it and get in touch with you to develop the segment and get it started.

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