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Sociotramas is a multimedia communication project with an academic and plural approach, but it is also an academic and dissemination journal. From the beginning it was focused on the democratization of knowledge under the principle of collective production, that is, nourishing itself with the contribution of different people. For this reason, we make the first call to present articles with the theme “Social transformations in times of pandemic”.

The theme includes reflections from different areas that account for the transformations that this context that we face globally, has brought with it. Undoubtedly, the health crisis has made other economic, social, cultural and other crises visible, also provoking reflection on their possible solutions. This has resulted in social change at all levels, as it has changed relationships and the way we understand the world we inhabit. To think about these transformations is to highlight the way in which we ourselves read the reality that surrounds us and we realize our positions around different phenomena.

What kind of articles can I contribute?

Basically you can provide three types of articles:


1) Short articles of up to three pages with an opinion, reflection or thematic argument format. Reviews and summaries are included here.

2) Articles with an academic format that present research results or reasoned reflections on the subject. These are 12-15 pages long and are reviewed by two members of the editorial and scientific committee.

3) Academic articles already published in other journals, and that require the contribution of Sociotramas for greater diffusion. In this case, it is published citing the original source.


When can I submit an article?

Basically you can present articles according to the calls that will appear in the Sociotramas media. This guarantees a common thematic line, which changes according to the contexts and situations.


When is my article published?

A great advantage of Sociotramas is that articles are published once approved. That is, immediately. When they are published, they will have a link and can be shared in different media. With the best academic articles presented, another journal (digital and PDF) will also be assembled, to circulate in this format, and with a different ISSN.


In what format should I submit the article?

More than worrying about the format, we are concerned about the content. However, we hope that the contributions comply with the latest version of APA, especially in the case of academic articles.


How is Sociotramas financed?

Sociotramas is a project financed exclusively by self-management. There is no charge for the publication of the articles. However, we especially encourage the authors to make small donations that can contribute to the sustainability and growth of the project as a whole.


How do I submit my article?

Create a user so that we can place you as an author.

Send us your article to Sociotramas, including the format below.

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