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Sociotramas is a multimedia communication project with an academic and plural approach, but it is also an academic and dissemination journal. From the beginning it was focused on the democratization of knowledge under the principle of collective production, that is, nourishing itself with the contribution of different people. Therefore, we make the first call to present multimedia articles with an open theme.


The intention of this call is that articles already produced or in development can have a much greater diffusion than they have in traditional magazines. In seeking to democratize knowledge, we want ideas to be presented in new formats, in keeping with the times, so that a high-level digital library can be built. Undoubtedly, there are contributions that are worth sharing, and why not, doing it in a massive way. Hence, this call is completely open, to all sciences, and requires much less time than that of written production.


What is a multimedia article?

These are academic articles, already accepted in a journal, or in process that are presented under one of the following two modalities:


1) Video format: in which the academic or academics appear presenting their article, the results of their research in a concrete and specific way.

2) Audio format: in which the academic or academics present their article as a Podcast in one or more episodes.

When can I submit an article?

The call is open at all times.


When is my article published?

As soon as you send us your article in multimedia format, it will be published on all the channels managed by Sociotramas. When they are published, they will have a link and can be shared in other media and networks.


How is Sociotramas financed?

Sociotramas is a project financed exclusively by self-management. There is no charge for the publication of the articles. However, we especially encourage the authors to make small donations that can contribute to the sustainability and growth of the project as a whole.


How do I submit my multimedia article?

Create a user so that we can place you as an author.

Send us a script (what will be shared in the multimedia article) that allows us to create a multimedia piece with a minimum duration of 3 minutes, and a maximum of 10. Once reviewed, prepare the communication piece and publish it.

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