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A multimedia communication project with an academic and plural approach

An academic and cultural journal, accepting contributions in multiple formats


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Editorial team

About the content

Sociotramas is nourished by diverse content and in multiple formats, which is published continuously on the website. The theme is varied, and includes different aspects of the social sciences and humanities. Thus, issues related to education, violence, youth, childhood, communication, good living, social representations, race, democracy, social justice, migratory processes, law, conflicts, political ecology are addressed, history, interculturalism, social inequalities, mental health, life trajectories, drug use, public policies, political philosophy, among others. 

In general terms, contributions on different topics are accepted, provided that they guarantee thoroughness in their production. Interdisciplinary productions that promote open debates on conjunctural phenomena are valued. 

Since 2021, Sociotramas receives written academic contributions, but also in multimedia format (audio or video), in order to democratize access to knowledge. These respond to specific calls launched on the website.

The target audience is diverse, although it seeks to capture the attention of analysts from all areas, to whom the academy can offer criteria for judgment and reading.

Main publishing country: Ecuador

Languages: Spanish, English and French.


General management

Milton Leonel Calderon Velez

CRIDIS / IACCHOS Université catholique de Louvain / FLACSO Ec

Lines: education, pragmatic sociology, global south, violence, organizations, development.


Daniela Stefanía Báez Toscano

Catholic University of Louvain

Lines: history, sociology and anthropology, cognitive capitalism, intelligentsia

Editing and communication

German Mauricio Guerra

Interdisciplinary Center for Research and Social Interaction (CIIIS Foundation)

Lines: good living, social representations, education of the future


Ruben Gonzalo Espinosa Galarza

Lines: communication, media research

scientific Comittee

Jorge Daniel Vasquez Arreaga

Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador

Lines: historical sociology, race, democracy, social justice, migratory processes


Angela Maria Ocampo Carvajal

CRIDIS / IACCHOS Catholic University of Louvain

Lines: socio-anthropology of law, studies of conflict, peace and memory, political ecology and environmental justice.


Paola Viera Córdova

CRIDIS / IACCHOS Catholic University of Louvain

Lines: sociology and clinical psychology from a psychoanalytic perspective, social inequalities, education, interculturality, mental health, violence, life trajectory, intergenerational and cultural transmission.


Violet Batul Rojeab Bravo

Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador

Lines: phenomenon of drugs, violence and gender, sexual diversity, mental health, attachment and motherhood.


Eduardo Raúl Silva Villavicencio

CRIDIS / IACCHOS Catholic University of Louvain

Lines: political philosophy, psychoanalysis, public policy, mental health, sociology

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